Missed that old Windows handy calendar on the taskbar?

There are quite a lot of menu bar calendar alternatives out there.

Having tried all of the above, at least in Mac OS X version 10.11 El Capitan, I’ve found that the most practical is Day-O. That’s just simply because it can replace the original calendar and just show the little drop-down month view calendar as expected.

After you install the application, you’ll see two calendars on the menu bar.

Screenshot 2016-04-03 02.31.32

Just click the new one on the right and hit preferences. Now check the settings, so that it looks like the original.

Screenshot 2016-04-03 02.34.07

Don’t forget to uncheck the “Show Icon” checkbox. All you have to do now is to hide the original time on the menu bar. Click on it and hit “Open Date & Time Preferences…” and then uncheck this and you’re done.

2016-04-03 at 02.37

Now everything should look like this:

Screenshot 2016-04-03 02.39.03

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April 3, 2016