Just head in phpmyadmin and find the table ‘users’. Then find user 1 and change the password with the value ‘$S$Drl0vgZ9yuU9uc4JyaTMHxMPriC7q/PsOUOx52fCrVQSTpI/Tu4x’ which is the encrypted value for the password ‘drupal’.

Want to do it from shell? No problem. Just type:
UPDATE users SET name='admin', pass='$S$Drl0vgZ9yuU9uc4JyaTMHxMPriC7q/PsOUOx52fCrVQSTpI/Tu4x' WHERE uid = 1;

Do you still have Drupal 6? OMG! Are you serious? You have to update immediately! But to update your system just type:
UPDATE users SET name='admin', pass=md5('drupal') WHERE uid = 1;
…in order to revoke your password.

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May 30, 2014